Balancing Stress and Leadership in Business

Join me, in the latest episode of the Billion Dollar Broker Podcast, as I delve deep into the realms of stress management and leadership with Luke Mathers, the innovative former director of Specsavers in Australia and now author of three books including “Stress Teflon.” Together we unravel the complexities of navigating stress in the business world.

Dive into the heart of business stress management and uncover:

  • Mastering Stress as a Leader: Unearth Luke’s unique approach to transforming stress into a driving force for success and leadership.
  • Insights from a Business Pioneer: Learn from a leader who reshaped a major retail brand, applying these lessons to your own professional journey.
  • Navigating High-Stress Environments: Discover strategies to remain effective and composed in challenging business scenarios.
  • Cultivating Resilience and Growth: Understand how stress, when managed well, can lead to unparalleled growth and resilience in your career.

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