Mindset and Marketing Mastery

I’m excited to share the latest episode of the Billion Dollar Broker Podcast with you. In this episode, I had an incredible chat with Aaron Christie David, Co-founder and broker at Atelier Wealth.

Aaron is not only an award-winning broker with a team of 25 brokers but has also recently become an author with his newly released book, The Happy Home Loan Handbook.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mortgage Industry Insight
    Delve into Aaron’s journey as the co-founder and broker of Atelier Wealth and his significant impact on the industry.
  • Authorial Journey
    Discover Aaron’s motivation behind writing The Happy Home Loan Handbook and his aim to change young Australians’ perceptions of homeownership.
  • Balancing Priorities
    Understand Aaron’s approach to prioritising health, family, and business, and how he aligns his daily activities with long-term goals.
  • Marketing Mastery
    Explore how Aaron uses his marketing skills to attract the right clients and build confidence within his team, emphasising consistency in marketing and understanding one’s niche.
  • Mindset for Success:
    The importance of mindset and getting the internals right. Learn how a proactive and positive mindset can drive your success.
  • Growth and Scalability
    Listen to Aaron’s strategies on scalability and leadership, including transitioning responsibilities to maintain business growth and optimising operations to meet evolving business needs.

Tune in now!

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