The Positive Power
of Giving

Creating change with everyday actions.

Imagine if every business could make a difference in their own way, just by doing what they normally do. Creating positive change and opportunity in the life of someone less fortunate simply by making giving and charity a priority. This is the type of world I want to live in. One where socially conscious business owners are focused on more than just the bottom line.

I believe that happiness comes from being selfless and giving to others.

After selling my mortgage broking business I spent five months travelling through India and Nepal. It was here I met some amazing people who helped me gain perceptive on what is really important in life. While they had very little, they were really happy. The experience lit a fire inside me. A desire to use the opportunities and resources available to me, to make a difference. To give back in a meaningful way and help those in need by easing the burdens and pressures so many struggle with.

A big part of my motivation behind the Billion Dollar Broker is to be able to serve those in need. It is important to me that I am leading a business that gives back every day in both big and small ways.

Contributing to B1G1 is one of the most practical and meaningful actions we take. This social enterprise is built on the premises of buy one, give one. B1G1 helps businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations. Every time we take an action or hit a milestone at The Billion Dollar Broker something great happens in the world.

Our Impact


donated in the last 12 months


donated in total


of annual turnover donated to charity

B1G1 gives to selected charities across the world creating impact in many areas.

Our impact doesn’t stop here. Right now I am also exploring opportunities to start a charity in Nepal to provide shelter, education and access for disadvantaged locals to live a whole and sustainable lifestyle.

I have a goal and vision that drives me. That vision is me handing over a million dollar cheque to charity and I’d love that make that a reality very soon!