Master the Qualification Process

The qualification call, is key to build long term customer loyalty and boost conversion and sales. Don’t miss this week’s video where you will learn how to master the qualification call.

What you will learn in this video

In this week’s video, Ross Le Quesne unpacks the Qualification Process and how to master this in your business.
Tune in now to learn:

  • Why the qualification process is so vital
  • How to start to move to a relationship based sales model verse transactional selling
  • The exact qualification framework and script that top brokers use
  • Hear a role play of a top performing qualification script
  • How to create your own winning qualification process for your business

Download the Workbook

  • Get the exact framework and script top brokers use
  • Replicate a consistent and high quality qualification call every time
  • Boost your conversion rates
  • Improve customer engagement and loyalty

Get the workbook from this weeks video, The Qualification Blue Print. Supercharge your Qualification Call and get the exact framework and script top brokers use. It walks through every step of the qualification call. Download Now at the link below!

Get my FREE Qualification Call Blue Print to get the exact framework top brokers use.