Cameron Marcroft, NZ’s #1 Broker

Cameron Marcroft is the Director of Loan Market Central and the 2021 #1 Mortgage Adviser in New Zealand. He’s currently settling $33M/month. Consistently.

How did he reach the top of his industry? He shares his key secrets with us in this episode of the Billion Dollar Broker podcast.

We talk about how Cameron was able to develop a key referral relationship with one of the top real estate firms in the market, and how you can target, build, and maximise your own referral partnerships.

Next, we chat about how to make lifetime relationships that lead to endless repeat and referral business by offering wholistic service.

Finally, we talk about creating scale that gives you freedom, abundant cashflow, and delighted customers by building up your people and company culture, looking after your team, and surrounding yourself with greatness—and doing it all intentionally.

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