Billion Dollar Broker Annual Review Framework

When it comes to implementing a strong customer annual review process in a mortgage broking business, it’s easy to think that once a client’s loan is settled, the relationship ends.

Brokers end up spending time and money sourcing brand new, unqualified leads through marketing efforts or lead buying companies.  Conversion rates are low, lead quality is unknown, and in the meantime, your trail book is shrinking as your existing clients refinance elsewhere.

Instead, by nurturing the relationship you already spent the time to build and staying in touch with your existing clients regularly, you’ll have the opportunity to refinance their existing loans as needed, help them with rate reviews to avoid the run-off and ask for referrals; which as we all know, are higher quality, higher converting leads.

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  • How a strong Annual Review process benefits your business
  • The importance of nurturing and retaining your clients
  • Follow a system that's known to work instead of re-inventing the wheel

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