How about an extra
$10-15K in settlements each month?

Come join me on the Billion Dollar Spring Masterclass – a live 90-minute workshop where I will show you how to trigger growth in a tight market, achieve your annual business targets and maximise settlement volumes during the upcoming spring buying season.

12 OCT 2023 | 10am

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The Problem

Falling Behind your Settlement Targets?

With the interest rates peaking, most brokers are finding it quite hard to hit their year-end settlement goals.

Combined with the weakened overall borrowing capacity and limited stock availability, this has significantly slowed down the market.

And if you’re on this page, I’m fairly certain you’re facing the same challenge and that you’re looking for a way out.

Here’s the good news!

You can generate and additional $10,000-$15,000 per month in settlements, especially for January and February when the market is usually the slowest.

All you need is a bit of proactivity while pursuing clients and the right guidance to ensure you stay on track.

The Solution

Hi! I’m Ross Le Quesne – Your Growth Mentor &
I Want To Help You Maximise Your Settlement Volumes REGARDLESS Of How The Market Behaves

After 25 years as one of Australia’s top mortgage brokers, I’m all too familiar with the challenges most brokers face, especially when the market is sluggish.

I’ve always felt a strong urge to give back to the industry that has given me so much. I now intend to empower brokers with the knowledge, tools, and discipline to build a thriving brokerage – no matter how tight the market gets or how the economy behaves.

As Founder and Director of The Billion Dollar Broker, I coach and mentor many of the country’s leading brokers; enabling them to accelerate performance, unlock peak productivity, and bring more ease and enjoyment into their business.

My ultimate goal is to share the secrets behind my success with those looking to scale their business, achieve financial and time freedom, and create a future they are proud of.

To that end, I’m offering the Billion Dollar Broker Spring Masterclass.

This will be a live 90-minute workshop where I will share with you the step-by-step plan on how to drive measurable growth in a tight market, keep your lead pipeline full all year round, and maximise your settlement volumes during the upcoming spring buying season.

From this Masterclass, you’ll be able to:      

  • Easily make up for the annual revenue shortfall
  • Drive additional settlements – both from new clients and your referral partners
  • Maintain a pool of qualified leads who are actively seeking your expertise and willing to sell
  • Trigger measurable growth and easily ride out unexpected market or economic changes
  • Unlock peak productivity and direct your energy to tasks that directly impact your growth

CLASS begins 12 OCT 2023 | 10 - 11.30am

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Expected Outcomes

This workshop is tailormade for anyone who wants to thrive in challenging market conditions and unlock their full potential as a mortgage broker.

Pipeline Full Of Quality Leads

Master proven strategies to establish a robust lead generation system that delivers qualified, high-quality leads throughout the year.

Achieve Settlement Targets

You’ll learn how to take advantage of the upcoming spring buying season and make up for the previous lean months.

Boost in Referral Business

I’ll walk you through the techniques that elite brokers use to supercharge their referral business. You’ll discover how to leverage existing clients and referral partners to grow your client base and boost your settlement volumes.

Develop A Growth Mindset

I’ll show you how to cultivate a resilient, growth-focused mindset that enables you to stay focused, adapt, and thrive in any market. You’ll find it easier to overcome factors holding you back and be able to achieve your revenue targets.

Learn From An Expert

As one of Aussie’s former top brokers, I was able to build a billion-dollar loan book. I will personally walk you through the exact strategies, tactics, and hard-earned lessons that will empower you to drive tangible growth for years to come.

Unlock Peak Productivity

You’ll master how to get the most out of your limited resources, manage burnout, and focus on the tasks with the potential to deliver the maximum impact on your bottom-line.

12 OCT 2023 | 10-11.30am

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The Billion Dollar Spring Masterclass Is Ideal If You Want To

  • Bridge the shortfall in your annual targets and maximise settlement volumes.
  • Learn how to keep growing regardless of how the buyer market or economy behaves
  • Keep your pipeline full of quality leads all year round.
  • Master the proven strategies that top-tier brokers leverage to drive consistent growth.
  • Overcome stress and burnout so you can focus on strategic, growth-focused aspects of your brokerage.
  • Win time and financial freedom and build a thriving brokerage that keeps growing without 24-7 supervision.

Our Students Have Doubled Or Even Tripled Their Settlement Volumes and So Can You!

Take a look at how we’re empowering brokers to break through growth barriers and transform their businesses.

CLASS begins 12 OCT 2023 | 10 - 11.30am

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What You Get

Immersive Live Workshop

You’l get access to a 90 Minute LIVE Workshop with expert broker, Ross Le Quesne. During this engaging session we’ll thoroughly explore the strategies that will empower you to attain your settlement goals and end the year on a high.

Tools and Resources

Being a valued member of the Billion Dollar community, you’ll receive a comprehensive workbook filled with detailed exercises, ready-to-use templates, and essential tools. They’ll enable you to immediately deploy the new learnings and hit the ground running from day one.

Lifetime Access

To top it all off, you’ll be granted lifetime access to the workshop’s recording so you can access the guidance and insights within whenever you feel the need to realign your focus and get your growth engines firing.

All you get when you register for the Spring Masterclass

Live Workshop With The Billion-Dollar Broker
A Powerful Workbook Full Of Practical Exercises
Lifetime Access To The Session’s Recording


But that’s not what the investment in the Masterclass is…


Fast track your growth and uplevel your business now.