Billion Dollar Broker with Ross Le Quesne

Build a Steady Stream of Quality Leads Year-Round

Learn how to generate a steady stream of high-quality leads year-round through profitable referral relationships in this 90-minute live workshop from Aussie’s Former No.1 Broker.

11 OCT 2023 | 12 - 1pm

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Struggling to Generate Quality Leads Consistently?

Many brokers face challenges in generating quality leads, which leads to missed targets and inconsistent cash flow.

Despite trying various methods like paid leads and Facebook ads, the results are often disappointing.

Busy with daily operational demands, many brokers find it hard to focus on prospecting and driving new business’.”

And if you’re on this page, I’m fairly certain you’re facing the same challenge and that you’re looking for a way out.

Here’s the good news!

You can generate a steady stream of high quality leads all year round through building a  Referral Based Business.

This is how I grew my business to a billion-dollar book through establishing quality referral partnerships.

Referral leads are gold!

Why? They are generally of a much higher quality and convert at a higher rate.

They have come from a referred source, so they already have a baseline of trust with you.

Not only this, if you are time poor and lack the time for prospecting, like most brokers I know, referral partners are a much more time efficient way of prospecting

You can 10X your return of the time you spend in client appointments by focusing on targeting referral partners

Why? The Power of Leverage.

Let me explain

Referral Partners – The Power of Leverage

1 Client appointment = $3500 (approx. commosion value)

1 New Appointment with A Referral partner (same time)

If this referral partner, refers 1 deal a month ongoingly = 12 new clients over the year

= $42,000 commision

Wow, what a difference. You see, referrals represents the power of leverage.

And not only this, as I said before, referral partenrs leads are proven to be higher quality, and convert at a higher rate, as they already trust you from a referred source.

To that end, I’m offering: The Building Profitabel Referral Partnerships Workshop

This will be a live 90-minute workshop where I will share with you the step-by-step plan on how to drive measurable growth in a tight market, keep your lead pipeline full all year round, and maximise your settlement volumes during the upcoming spring buying season



  • More Revenue: How to double your settlements, revenue and profits in 2023
  • More Time: Identify the time drains in your business and reclaim hours each week
  • More Control: Free yourself up to focus on the key strategies that will drive growth
  • More Clarity: Better understand the tools and techniques every broker should utilise
  • More Confidence: Relax knowing the work you are putting in is in the right areas

CLASS begins 11 OCT 2023 | 12 - 1pm

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Expected Outcomes

Pipeline Full Of Quality Leads

Master proven strategies to establish a robust lead generation system that delivers qualified, high-quality leads throughout the year.

Achieve Settlement Targets

You’ll learn how to take advantage of the upcoming spring buying season and make up for the previous lean months.

Boost in Referral Business

I’ll walk you through the techniques that elite brokers use to supercharge their referral business. You’ll discover how to leverage existing clients and referral partners to grow your client base and boost your settlement volumes.

Develop A Growth Mindset

I’ll show you how to cultivate a resilient, growth-focused mindset that enables you to stay focused, adapt, and thrive in any market. You’ll find it easier to overcome factors holding you back and be able to achieve your revenue targets.

Learn From An Expert

As one of Aussie’s former top brokers, I was able to build a billion-dollar loan book. I will personally walk you through the exact strategies, tactics, and hard-earned lessons that will empower you to drive tangible growth for years to come.

Unlock Peak Productivity

You’ll master how to get the most out of your limited resources, manage burnout, and focus on the tasks with the potential to deliver the maximum impact on your bottom-line.


Fast Track Your Way To $100 million in Settlements

Get access to the tips and secrets I used to build a billion dollar loan book and grow Aussie’s No 1 mortgage franchise.

11 OCT 2023 | 12 - 1pm

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Meet Ross Le Quesne

After 25 years as one of Australia’s leading Mortgage Brokers, I felt the call to give back to the industry that has given me so much. To share the secrets behind my success with those looking to scale their business and create a future and life they are proud of.

Today, as Founder and Director of The Billion Dollar Broker, I coach and mentor many of the country’s leading brokers. Helping them accelerate performance and bring more ease and enjoyment into their business.

Awards & Highlights

  • Aussie’s No 1 broker for five consecutive years from 2012-2017
  • Best Franchise Office (2014, 2016, 2017) – Australian Broker Awards
  • Consistently amongst Australia’s top 100 brokers with a loan book of $1 billion



Is the Growth Strategy Session for Me?

We’ve designed the Growth Strategy Session specifically for leading brokers who are ready to evolve their business to the next level and create a strategic plan to fast-track growth.

The Growth Strategy Session Is Perfect For You If You’re:

  • Settling over $2.5 million a month and targeting growth.
  • Stuck working ‘in’ your business rather than ‘on’ it.
  • Wearing too many hats and being pulled in multiple directions.
  • Working long hours with little headspace to focus on strategic plans and decisions.
  • Looking for guidance on the best way to grow and scale your business.


What You Get

Coaching and guidance

You will get access to a Private 60-minute strategy session with Billion Dollar Broker, Ross Le Quesne. This session is tailored and customised to your business, to help you create an actionable growth plan to make this your best year yet. Get powerful insights on your business and be guided by an expert broker. Get clarity on where you need to focus and how.

Tools & Resources

Get access to powerful worksheets and a customised strategy plan to implement into your business. These tools will help give direction, clarity and uplevel your business. As a bonus takeaway, you will get some additional exercises and worksheets to complete after your session.

Bonus training sessions

You will receive 2 bonus training sessions, from Ross Le Quesne, on Vision and Creating a Strategy Blueprint, to watch at your own leisure in addition to your coaching session. These sessions, provide powerful insights and resources to help you learn and grow.


Our Students Have Doubled Or Even Tripled Their Settlement Volumes and So Can You!

All you get when you book a Growth Strategy Session

One on One strategy session with Billion Dollar Broker, Ross Le Quesne
Customised actionable strategy plan and worksheets, tailored to your business
2 Bonus Training Sessions


But that’s not what the investment in the session is…


Fast track your growth and uplevel your business now.


Register for my FREE Masterclass to learn how to scale your mortgage business for growth right now.